Wednesday, 30 May



13.00 - 14.30 Parallel Sessions


1A - Biobased materials - I


Chitin purification from side streams of the Hermetia Illucens cultivation and succeeding chitosan production for textile applications
Thomas Hahn, Fraunhofer IGB, DE
Medium chain length polyhydroxyalkanoates production from fruit pulp waste and biodiesel glycerol by P. Chlororaphis
João Ricardo Pereira, Universi-ade Nova de Lisboa, PT

Characterization and long term thermal stability of succinic acid based bio-polyesters
Matthias Steffen, Thünen Institute of Agricultural Technology, DE

The sustainable synthesis and application of urazoles
Laetitia Vlaminck, Ghent University, BE



1B - Biocatalysis for bioresource transformation - I


Using clarifier mud as carbon source for biofuel and solvent production
K. Thomas Klasson, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, USA
Calcium oxide enrichment for improved biodiesel production 

Jorge Mario Marchetti, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, NO

Using structural insights to understand and improve lignin degradation by bacterial enzymes
Rachael Wilkinson, University of Warwick, UK
Lignocellulosic residues pretreatment with reactive extrusion using enzymes – Influence of process conditions on subsequent enzymatic hydrolysis 

Etienne Gatt, Université de Toulouse, FR



1C- Biomass fractionation 


Practical aspects of lignin analysis from fundamentals to application
Ewellyn Capanema, RISE Bioeconomy, SE
Selective production of xylose from xylo-oligomers and actual biomass 
Changwei Hu, Sichuan University, CN
OrganoCat: Biomass fractionation for an integrated biorefinery concept to fully valorise lignocellulosic biomass 
Philipp M. Grande, Institute of Bio- and Geosciences, IBG-2, DE
Identification and quantification of non-polar compounds from human faecal extract 
Eva Mary, University of KwaZulu-Natal, ZA




16.00 - 17.20 Parallel Sessions



2A - Biobased materials - II


Toward carbon fibers from single component kraft lignin systems 

Dimitris S. Argyropoulos, North Carolina State University, USA

Investigation of biobased 2-component epoxy resin systems as binder for electrode application in lithium-ion batteries
Helene Jeske, Thünen Institute of Agricultural Technology, DE
Sustainable production of lactic acid through the exploitation of defatted rice bran 
Maria Alexandri, Leibniz-Institute for Agricultural Engineering and Bioeconomy (ATB), DE



2B - Bioactive compounds from biomass


Renewable binderless boards molded using vegetable proteins and lignocellulosic fibers: Enhancement of their characteristics through twin-screw extrusion refining and fiber textile architecture 
Philippe Evon, University of Toulouse, FR
Natural variability of Cynara cardunculus leaves biomass – A source of cynaropicrin 
Ana Paulino, Instituto Politécnico de Beja (IPBeja), PT

Development of novel functional proteins and bioactive ingredients: Proof of concept in pilot scale 

Christian Lorentz Bagger, Danish Technological Institute, DK



2C - Bioenergy - I


Impact of acidity and macroporosity on catalytic upgrading of fast pyrolysis bio-oil by esterification over silica sulfonic acids
Jinesh C. Manayil, Aston University, UK  
Potential biodiesel feedstock - Indian perspective

Chhavi Aggarwal, Delhi Technological University, IN

Scientific and technical hurdles of solid anaerobic digestion 

Thierry Ribeiro, UniLaSalle, FR