Wroclaw is a picturesque medieval city in the southwest of Poland. It’s the fourth largest city in Poland and quite unique since it consists of 12 islands connected with 117 bridges. Situated on the Oder river, Wroclaw is the current Cultural Capital of Europe and features a cosy city centre lined with cafes, bars, restaurants etc., all inviting visitors to spend time strolling the alleys.
The history of the city is over a thousand years old, and the heritage of the past combines with the modernity of the business centre.
Multicultural, open to new ideas and challenges, the city is famous for its hospitality, and its cultural and scientific life fascinates and attracts. The unusual history of Wroclaw, constantly enriched by prestigious scientific and cultural events, combined with Polish hospitality and openness of the city, guarantee that everyone who comes here will certainly see and experience something interesting, regardless of whether they spend several hours or several days here.
The conference venue is situated within walking distance from the city centre with its many attractions. 

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