Call for Poster Presentations

Abstracts dealing with the following topics can be submitted:

• Biobased and biodegradable materials
• Biocatalysis 
• Bioenergy
• Bioenergy and future mobility in Horizon 2020
• Biorefining
• Chemical platform molecules
• CO2 capture and utilization
• Marine bio-economy
• Novel fermentation processes
• Nutrient recycling
• Polysaccharides
• Sustainability analysis

  • Submission deadline 15 March 2020

Instructions for authors

• Abstracts must be written in English not exceeding 400 words and must be submitted via the online submission platform as a Word file (.doc or .docx)
• Use font Arial, 10 characters per inch (font size 10)
• Type title in sentence case in bold without a full stop at the end
• Type authors in bold. The presenting author must be underlined, type first name followed by family name, the names of the co-authors must start with the initials followed by the family names (Pieter Paul Rubens, J. Van Eyck, P. Brueghel, etc...)
• Type affiliation(s) in bold underneath the authors: University/Institute, Dept., City, Country (do not mention street addresses, PO boxes or zip codes). When there are multiple affiliations number them as follows and use the semi-colon between the multiple affiliations: 
1Dept. A, University A, City, Country; 2Dept. B, Institution B, City, Country; 3Dept. C, University C, City, Country 
• Add the email address of the presenting author in bold in italics
• Use single spacing and type the text unjustified without hyphenating words at line breaks. Use hard returns only to end headings and paragraphs, not to rearrange lines.

Submission Instructions

Abstracts must be submitted as a Word file via the online submission form (see button below).

• Click on the link below to start
• Fill out your personal data and go through the submission procedure
• When uploading your abstract(s) you can either:

→ ‘Save and Continue Later’: in this case you can revise your abstract at a later stage (access with your login details) 
‘Save and Submit’: in this case your abstract submission is final and your abstract can no longer be revised

You can submit several abstracts at the same time, but you can also upload several abstracts at a different point in time.Your abstract(s) is/are only uploaded successfully when you receive an automatic reply confirming your submission(s).

Important: the uploaded Word file(s) must contain: Title, authors & affiliations and the actual abstract.

The deadline for submitting abstracts for oral presentation is 31 January 2020.

Important notes
When submitting an abstract for oral presentation, submitting authors should bear in mind that: 

• presenters are NOT exempted from paying the registration fee
• a notification email will be sent by February 15, 2020
• the presenting author must register online by March 1, 2020
• the abstract of the oral presentation will only be published in the Program & Abstract Book, when the presenting author is registered