Friday, 5 June - Download the Final Program here

09.00 - 10.40 -- PARALLEL SESSIONS

7A - Biorefineries II

Green biorefinery concept producing local feed protein - Feasibility study and comparison of central vs. decentral implementation
Morten Ambye-Jenssen, Aarhus University, DK
Improving the biorefinery process of rice bran
Weibin Kong, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, CN
A robust oleaginous yeast as a platform for an industrial biorefinery
Christophe Chuck, University of Bath, UK
Integrated biorefinery concepts for polyproplyene production from palm oil and wood redidues
Merten Morales, ETH Zürich, CH

7B - Downstream Processing

Catalytic approaches for converting plant biomass to precursors for fuels, polymers and lubricants
Nathan Mosier, Purdue University
Fractionation of complex liquid mixtures using supercritical CO2 with solid supports
Ray Marriott, Bangor University, UK
Decarbonizatrion of transportation fuels via co-hydroprocessing bio-based feedstocks with petroleum fractions
Stella Bezergianni, CERTH-CPERI, GR
Microbial protein production from straw
Filipe Silva, Avecom NV, BE

7C - Valorisation of biomass waste streams II

Life+12 env/it000439 GreenWoolF: Green hydrolysis conversion of wool wastes into organic nitrogen fertilisers
Rafaella Mossotti, Institute for Macromolecular Studies, IT
Bioconversion of tomato paste byproduct into a value-added bacterial polysaccharide
Filomena Freitas, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, PT
Lactic acid fermentation based on residues from a sugar mill
Joachim Venus, Leibniz-Instiute for Agricultural Engineering Postdam-Bornim, DE
Comparison of different selection strategies for the bioconverison of crude glycerol derived from
second-generation biodiesel
Cristiano Varrone, Aalborg University, DK

12.15 - 13.55 -- PARALLEL SESSIONS

8A - Metabolic engineering of fermentation processes

Glycolipids-by-design: Advances in metabolic engineering production platform
Magda Faijes, IQS, University Ramon Llull, Barcelona, ES
Metabolic engineering for itaconic acid production
Michael Sauer, ACIB GmbH, AT
Metabolic modelling of cupriavidus necator DSM 545 in PHB production from glycerol
Chenhao Sun, Unversity of Manchester, UK
Assessment of hotelling's T2 control charts based on reputed individual process status indicators to ease the monitoring of anaerobic reactors
Sébastien Lemaigre, Luxembourg Insitute of Science and Technology, LU 

8B - Micro and macro algae technology

Design of microalgal biorefinery: Challenges and opportunities
Giuseppe Olivieri, Wageningen University, NL
Extraction of lipids and functional components from wet algae by liquefied dimethyl ether
Motonoby Goto, Naogya University, JP
Continuous hydrothermal liquefaction of microalgae and hydroprocessing of bio-crude to high quality fuels
Patrick Biller, University of Leeds, UK
Ultra-scale down techniques for predicting the centrifugal separation of algal flocs and their scale-up verification

Hadiza Auta, University College London, UK

8C - Pretreatment and transformation of lignocellulosics II

Steam explosion pretreatment of cynara cardunculus for bioethanol production
Ana M.R.B. Xavier, University of Aveiro, PT
Lignocellulose degradation for sustainable biofuel production - learning from marine wood borers
Katrin Besser, University of York UK
Extrusion methodology for biogas and bioethanol pretreatment of lignocellulosic biomasses
Susanne F. Nielsen, Aarhus University, DK
OrCaCel - OrganoCat plant and pulping combinations for the full valorization of lignocellulose from marginal land grown perennial plants
Holger Klose, RWTH Aachen University, DE