Wednesday, June 4

13.00-14.30 — Parallel Sessions

1A - Biobased polymers and materials (I)

New biobased blocks contributing to added functionality in sustainability-improved plastics
Stefaan de Wildeman, Maastricht University, NL
Value adding to the lingo-cellulosic biorefinery: Nanoporous materials from lignin obtained by liquid hot water treatment of lignocellulose
Lilia Perez-Cantu, Hamburg University of Technology, DE
A wine industry by-product as source of substrate for bioplastic production by Cupriavidus necator
Luísa Serafim, Aveiro University, PT
Oil in water emulsions stabilized by proteic and polysaccharidic fractions

1B - Valorisation of biomass waste streams (I)

Food waste-based biorefinery development: Valorisation of food waste for sustainable production of chemicals, materials and fuels
Carol Lin, City University of Hong Kong, HK
The eucalypt spent sulphite liquor based biorefinery
Ana M.R.B. Xavier, Aveiro University, PT
Production of 1,3-Propanediol by Lactobacillus diolivorans
Michael Sauer, BOKU, AT
Optimal CO2 supply for succinate production by A. succinogenes using mixed sugars
Henrik Almqvist, Lund University, SE

1C - Pretreatment and transformation of lignocellosics (I)

Sugars from woody biomass — high cellulose hydrolysability of oxygen alkali treated spruce wood
Matti Siika-aho, VTT, FI
Insects biotechnologies, a new platform for biomass upgrade
Antoine Hubert, Ynsect, FR
Tailor-made enzymatic degradation of lignocellulose
Antje C. Spiess, RWTH Aachen University, DE
Cellulose dissolution in protic ionic liquid
Cristina Jiménez, University of Valladolid, ES

16.00-17.30 — Parallel Sessions

2A - Biobased polymers and materials (II)

Compressed fluids, biobased polymers and tissue engineering
Aurelio Salerno, ICMAB, ES
Liquefied agricultural wastes for film elaboration
Rodrigo Briones, Advanced Polymer Research Centre, CL
Functionalization of tanin extracts for the synthesis of novel biobased epoxy resins
Hélène Fulcrand, INRA-UMR, Montpellier, FR
Production of PHB from chicory roots
Cornelia Haas, BOKU, AT

2B - Bioactive compounds from biomass

Extraction and biotechnological transformation of bioactives from plant food industrial wastes
Francisco A. Tomas-Barberan, CEBAS-CSIC, ES
Tailored biosurfactants: From design to scale-up
Inge Van Bogaert, Ghent University, BE
Bioproduction of bioactive compounds: screening of bioproduction conditions of free-living microalgae and lichen symbiont
Mercedes Villa-Carvajal, Ainia Centro Tecnológico, ES
Extraction of bioactive compounds using twin-screw extrusion: Comparison between two hemp coproducts

2C - Plant cell wall modification (I)

Tailoring lignocellulose for biofuels and biorefining by manipulating lignin
Claire Halpin, University of Dundee, UK
In planta cellulase production for improved biomass utilization
Holger Klose, RWTH Aachen University, DE
Gene discovery for enhanced use of resources and plant biomass production
Joaquin Medina, Centro de Biotecnología y Genómica de Plantas, Madrid, ES
Fast pyrolysis of genetically modified biomass
Hilal Ezgi Toraman, Ghent University, BE