Thursday, 4 June - Download the Final Program here

09.00 - 10.40 -- PARALLEL SESSIONS

3A - Biocatalysis for bioresource transformation I

Building a renewable chemicals business
Preben Krabben, Green Biologics, UK
Demonstrating the feasibility and economic potential of enzymatic glycosylation at the Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant
Emile Redant, Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant, BE
Increased saccharification yields by inclusion of lytic polysaccharide monooxygensases in cellulase mixtures
Svein Jarle Horn, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, NO
Optimization of pleurotus ostreatus cellulase and xylanase production and their application to arundo donax saccharification
Vincenza Faraco, University of Naples "Federico II", IT

3B - Bioproducts from woody biomass

A biorefinery approach for new products based on wood
David Blomberg, Processum
Plastics containing unprecedented 85-100% levels of methylated softwood lignin compare favourably with polystyrene
Simo Sarkanen, University of Minnesota, US
Characterization of kraft lignin from energy crops
Carina Costa, University of Porto, PT
Short-Chain Fatty Acids production through acidogenic fermentation of Hardwood Sulphite Spent Liquor
Diogo Queirós, University of Aveiro, PT 

3C - Chemical platform molecules I

Conversion of lignocellulosic biomass to the platform chemical 5-hydroxymethylfurfural in water
David Steinbach, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), DE
Dehydration of fructose over sulfated titania silicates
Selahattin Yilmaz, Izmir Institute of Technology, TR
Green synthesis of succinic acid in heterogeneous catalysis
Simona Margareta Coman, University of Bucharest, RO
Effect of trace element addition and pH value on the production of carboxylate platform chemicals from maize silage Heike Sträuber, UFZ – Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research, DE  

11.15 - 12.55 -- PARALLEL SESSIONS

4A - Bioenergy

The Acea Pinerolese experience in the management of municipal biowastes and research on their valorization as source of biofuel and added value products
Davide Mainero, ACEA, IT
Optimized conditions for enhanced ethanol production during carbon monoxide fermentatioin by clostridium autoethanogenum
Haris Nalakath Abubackar, University of La Coruña, ES 
Cassava stem wastes as potential feedstock for fuel ehtanol production
Maogui Wei, Swedisch University of Agricultural Sciences, SE
Simultaneously methanogenesis facilitated and manganese oxides generated in anaerobic wastewater digestion by adding element manganese
Sen Qiao, Dalian University of Technology, CN

4B - Pretreatment and transformation of lignocellulosics I

Green chemical conversion of lignocellulosic biomass in QIBEBT
Xindong Mu, QIBEBT, CN
Towards enzymatic pretreatment of lignocellulosic plant materials prior to saccharification
Yi-ru Chen, University of Minnesota, US
Factors affecting the recalcitrance of pretreated biomass to enzymatic digestion
David Johnson, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, US
Biological treatment of lignocellulosic waste - wheat straw - in order to improve bio-methane production: Addition of selected hydrolitic rumen fungus (orpinomyces sp.) and hydrogen producing bacteria
Giulia Massini, Laboratory of Biomass and Bioenergy, IT

4C - Nutrient and Energy Cycling I

Towards a zerocost-biorefinery using a new model library and global sensitivity analyses
Céline Vaneeckhaute, Université Laval, CA
Nitrogen mineralization potential of bio-based fertilizers

Ivona Sigurnjak, Ghent University, BE 

Recovery of phosphorus from manure and digestate, case study Flanders

Emilie Snauwaert, Flemish Coordination Centre for Manure Processing (VCM vzw), BE 

Recycling nutrients and valorise side streams in local biorefineries

Rommie van der Weide, WageningenUR, NL 

15.00 - 16.40 -- PARALLEL SESSIONS

5A - Biocatalysis for bioresource transformation II

Membrane reactors in process intensification of yeast biosurfactants production from sugars
Marisa Santos, University of Lisbon, PT
Transketolase and transaminase catalyzed upgrading of carbohydrates from sugar beet pulp
Fabiana Subrizi, University College London, UK
Mixed cultures of fungi for conversion of lignocellulose into bioproducts
Mette Lübeck, Aalborg University Copenhagen, DE
Incubation at 25°c prevents acid crash and enhances alcohol production in clostridium carboxidivorans p7
Sara Ramió-Pujol, University of Girona, ES

5B - Thermochemical transformations of biomass

Microwave technology - From lab to industrial scale
Marilena Radoiu, SAIREM
Monitoring biomass autohydrolysis process using an on-line simple parameter
Florencia M. Yedro, University of Valladolid, ES
Mulitfunctional heterogeneous catalysts supported on CSPW for the conversion of biomass into low oxygenated biofuel
Cherif Larabi, Université de Lyon, FR
Supercritical water gasification of microalgae in a continuous downflow reactor
Giuseppe Caputo, University of Palermo, IT

5C - Nutrient and Energy Cycling II

Valorization of food waste for bio-colorant (Monascus dye) production
Md. Ariful Haque, City University of Hong Kong (HK)
Farmers’ reasons to accept bio-based fertilizers: A choice experiment in 8 different European countries
Juan Tur Cardona, University of Ghent, BE 
Anaerobic co-digestion of dewatered sludge (DS) and food waste: Synergistic enhancement and digestate characterization

Lei Zhang, Dalian University of Technology, PR China 

Sustainable airport cities – Closing the phosphorus cycle at Amsterdam airport Schiphol
Kees Roest, KWR Watercycle Research Institute, NL 

17.00 - 18.40 -- PARALLEL SESSIONS

6A - Biorefineries I

Building BioVale biorefineries
Joe Ross, BDC, UK
Beyond dedicated crops: The waste biorefinery
Federica Zaccheria, ISTM CNR, IT
Fractionation of hardwood biomass using modified hydrotopic treatment
Konstantin Gabov, Åbo Akademi University, FI
Organic acids from lignocellulose: Candida lignohabitans as a novel microbial cell factory
Martina Bellasio, University of Natural Resources & Life Sources, AT

6B - Chemical platform molecules II

Integrating bio based materials in the chemical value chain

Alistair Reid, Akzo Nobel, UK

Morphine - A sustainable platform molecule from biomass
Nicholas Gathergood, Tallinn University of Technology, EE
Olefinic biobased monomers
Jacco van Haveren, Wageningen UR Food and Biobased Research, NL
Resource recovery from sewage for sustainable wastewater treatment 
Kees Roest, KWR Watercycle Research Institute, NL 

6C - Policy and Standards

Policy options for a bio-based economy
Michael Carus, Nova-institute
Are there other methods than radiocarbon dating to determine the bio-based content of products?
Ben van den Broek, Wageningen UR Food & Biobased Research, NL
End-of-life options for bio-based products: Current status and future challenges
Lorenzo Herrero Davila, University of York, UK
Financial analysis of a biochemical sugar platform biorefinery
Martin Kügemann, UNU Maastricht, NL