Wednesday, 5 June



09.00 - 10.30 Parallel Sessions


7A - Biorefineries - II


The Integrated Biorefineries: Optimisation bioconversion of tropical biomass feedstock
for producing value added chemicals and biogas 
Irnia Nurika, Universitas Brawijaya, ID

Biochar-supported solid catalysts for achieving sustainable biorefineries
Daniel C.W. Tsang, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, CN 
Graphite/graphene oxide-supported lewis acids for catalytic glucose isomerisation in a biorefinery
Iris K.M. Yu, University of York, UK 
Winery wastes as feedstock for the production of succinic acid, bacterial cellulose and value added products
Katiana Philippi, Agricultural University of Athens, GR 



7B - Micro & macro algal technology - I


Invited talk

Green macroalgae biorefinery: Extracting valuable components from Ulva lactuca
Karla Dussan, Biomass & Energy Efficiency Group, NL

Understanding natural flocculation mechanisms in microalgae to enhance flotation harvesting efficiency
Cécile Formosa-Dague, Université de Toulouse, FR 

Valorisation of olive mill wastewater via microalgae
Astrid Victoria Lindner, University of Lüneburg, DE 




7C - Valorization of biomass waste streams - I


Prebiotics production from underutilized agricultural and marine resource

Eva Nordberg Karlsson, Lund University, SE

Production of lactic acid from the organic fraction of municipal solid wastes using B. coagulans
J. Pablo López-Gómez, Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering and Bioeconomy, DE
CichOpt: Optimal use and valorization of biomass streams from Cichorium
Jeroen van Arkel, Wageningen Plant Research, NL

Unlocking the potential of low-quality feedstocks for cost-effective production of biofuels: A case study for animal bedding
Miguel Sanchis-Sebastiá, Lund University, SE 




11.30 - 13.00 Parallel Sessions


8A - Metabolic engineering of cell factories


From fuels to fragrances - Lessons learned and new approaches for prokaryotic cell factories 
Patrik Jones, Imperial College UK
Membrane transport as crucial screw for metabolic engineering of microbial cell factories
Michael Sauer, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna, AT
Metabolic engineering strategies for direct fermentation of cellulosic biomass to lactic acid
Roberto Mazzoli, University of Torino, IT

Adaptive laboratory evolution restored solvent tolerance in the plasmid-cured Pseudomonas putida S12
Hadiastri Kusumawardhani, Leiden University, NL 




8C - Valorization of biomass waste streams - II


Opportunities and hurdles towards closed loop recycling of plastics present in mixed organic waste streams from anaerobic digestion plants
Steven De Meester, Ghent University, BE

Understanding lignin co-pyrolysis with silicon nanoparticles for application in lithium-ion batteries
Jian Shi, University of Kentucky, USA

Inherent metals of phytoremediation plant influences its recyclability by hydrothermal liquefaction
Shicheng Zhang Fudan University, CN

Towards biocatalytic lignin valorization: Interactions between laccase and aqueous ionic liquids
Joseph Stevens, University of Kentucky, USA