Wednesday, 3 June 2015 - Download the Final Program here

13.00 - 14.40 -- PARALLEL SESSIONS

1A - Biobased materials I

Supported palladium catalysts for the conversion of furfuryl alcohol into 2-methylfuran at room temperature
Gemma L. Brett, Cardiff Catalysis Institute, UK
Physico-mechanical properties of enr-phenolic-glas fibre composite from liquiefied oil palm empty fruit bunch fibre (EFB)
Sarani Zakaria, Universiti Kebangsaan, MY
Enzymatic production of acetylated cello-oligomers from water-soluble cellulose acetate
Stefanie Kluge, AVT - RWTH Aachen University, DE
Supported gold catalysts for the selective oxidation of bio-renewable furfural
Sarwat Iqbal, Cardiff Catalysis Institute, UK

1B - Valorisation of biomass waste streams I

Zirconia based catalysts for the valorisation of waste sugars

Karen Wilson, Aston University, UK 

Impact of different bioprocessing strategies for enhanced poly(3-hydroxybutyrate) production
Vasaliki Kachrimanidou,Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition, GR
Electro-fermentation: Production and recovery of volatile fatty acids from thin stillage with zero chemical input
Stephen J. Andersen, University of Ghent, BE
Efficient bioconversion of glycerol to malate
Joerg M Buescher, BRAIN AG, DE


1C - Biomass fractionation and product purification

Downstream processing and biorefinery separation challenges: New perspectives on chromatographic methods
Vania Zuin, Univ. Sao Carlos, Brazil
Separation and purification, the missing link between biomass deconstruction and commercial product
Anthony Lloyd, Novasep
Towards a sugar beet pulp biorefinery for high value chemicals manufacture
Max Cardenas-Fernandez, University College London, UK
Ketone-based organosolv fractionation of lignocellulosic biomass
Raimo van der Linden, ECN, NL

16.00 - 17.40 -- PARALLEL SESSIONS

2A - Biobased materials II

A sustainable freeze drying route to porous polysaccharides with tailored hierarchical meso- and macroporosity
Mario De Bruyn, University of York, UK
Development of composite films based on achira starch, cellulose microcrystalline and natural antimicrobial agents for preserving double cream cheese slices
Margarita María Andrade-Mahecha, National University of Colombia, CO
Screening of microbial strains that possess the ability to simultaneously produce polyhydroxyalkanoates and rhamnolipids
Constantina Kourmentza, University of Nova Lisboa, PT
Fibre biocomposite stiff boards for sound proofing and thermal insulation
Alessia Patrucco, ISMAC-ISTM, IT

2B - Bioactive compounds from biomass

Fruits and vegetables wastes: Potential sources for aromatic vegetal oils and flavored flours
Thierry Talou, INP, ENSIATEC, FR
Bioactive carotenoids from peach palm fruit (bactris gasipaes) under different pre-treatments and storage condition
Hugo Alexander Martinez-Correa, National University of Colombia, CO
Bioactive derived from biomass in the development of plant biostimulants
Juan Carlos Cabrera, Materia Nova, BE
Conversion of lignocellulosic sugars into glycolipid biosurfactants by yeasts
Cesar Fonseca, LNEG, PT

2C - Plant cell wall modification I

Engineering plants to generate more biomass, better suited for bioprocessing
Simon Turner, University of Manchester
Screening for novel genes to improve lignocellulosic biomass
Leonardo Gomez, University of York, UK
Identifying genetic factors linked to cell wall recalcitrance using an association genetic approach in a model grass population
Caragh Withehead, University of York, UK
Highly efficient production of nanocellulose from lignocellulosic biomass
Matjaž Kunaver, National Institute of Chemistry, SI